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Mommy Approved Back to School Snacks

Hello all! Are your kiddos back to school yet? If so, how is back to school treating you so far? Well, we just began the second week of the new school year and let me just say that, easy meals and snacks have helped me survived this pass few days. Who knew having three kiddos in three different schools will be this much work? Honestly, wow! Anyhow, to kick off the new school year, we have ...

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Recycled Fun Shaped Crayons

We have officially survived the first week of school! Although, it hasn't been easy for any of us to get back into the swing of things, I am happy to say that all the kids are doing great and settling down in their new schools. Back-to-school brings lots of extra expenses, so every extra penny we can save is an extra blessing for our household. To save a little money, to be a little more ...

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No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Recipe

How do you treat yourself when the kids aren’t around to steal the food off your plate? Your answer might go something like this... You break out the elegant china, the fancy cloth napkins, and your ...

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