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Something I look forward to throughout the year it is to take our yearly family vacation. We make it a point to enjoy one week a year outside the routine, even if it is a short trip or just a stay-cation & a trip around town. My husband and I have always enjoyed traveling and experiencing new places and different cultures. Among our favorite places to go with the family is Disney World, which we have been many, many times. Another one of our favorites is cruising, so far we have taken over 13 cruises and counting. One of the first things that gets packed is our camera, as we make memories on our trips, I snap pictures to remember those occasions. Our kids love to see pictures of our previous trips to remember those places that we have visited. I also love sharing our memories with family and friends around the world. I recently found a new, fun and easy way to share our family trip photos using Tripographer by Marriott.


Tripographer is a new, fun and easy way to stylishly and dynamically share your trip, whether it was a much needed getaway, an unforgettable adventure, a family vacation or a business trip.


Last January we headed to Key Largo, FL and took a boat ride on the Key Largo Princess II glass bottom boat. We had the opportunity to visit the John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park off the coast of Key Largo. During this trip I snapped pictures that I hadn’t had the opportunity to share with our loves one, last week I took the opportunity to create a slideshow of 3 of my favorite pictures of that trip (See the Slideshow below). Tripographer is super easy to use to create slideshows with your own narrations. With Tripographer you can apply filters and edit your photos, create beautiful slideshows and build actual street-view tours. Best of it all you can share your creations on your favorite social networks! I invite you to try out Tripographer for yourself. I think you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to use and it’s really fun too!

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